About us

Amstam arose out of a genuine passion for real estate, and is driven by the conviction that things can always be done better. For us, there is nothing better than repositioning buildings and sites and making them part of society. That is what gives us energy.

From the initial idea and investment to development or redevelopment and management, our enterprising team is driven to identify opportunities in the market, and then to translate these into concrete business plans that will generate added value for our investors and partners.

Amstam was founded by Daan de Jong and Pim van Eeuwijk, who together have more than 20 years of experience in real estate. They have successfully initiated, managed and sold real estate investments for a range of investors.

Daan de Jong


For more than ten years, four of which as co-owner, Daan played an active role at Innova Investments in acquiring off-market deals and repositioning various investments in the Randstad for Innova’s own portfolio.

Pim van Eeuwijk


Pim’s experience includes three years at CBRE, followed by more than ten years as investment manager with APF International where he was responsible for managing various national and international funds and repositioning buildings. He has overseen a range of complex inner-city developments in Amsterdam.


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Years of experience

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