Creating value
for the future

Every building or site deserves a sustainable future. We develop strategic solutions to architectural, financial and commercial problems. We add value and quality, and by so doing create profitable investments.

At Amstam we are convinced that passion for the trade, honest ambitions and sound business practices lead to mutual respect and success. Maximizing profits can be one of the goals, but our main aim is to achieve a sustainable return.

Our experience and up-to-date market knowledge means that we know better than anyone what properties need. By improving function, appearance, quality and sustainability, we give new meaning to outdated buildings and their surroundings.

Solid base for
a long-term

Our mission is therefore to create value for the future of the building, its users and surroundings, our investors and partners.

Typical of our methods are an active approach and daily involvement in all facets of the investment. We are a reliable partner with a sharp eye for detail, quality, and the market. We believe that doing business should be a pleasant experience, and that is why we are committed to maintaining personal contact and short lines of communication.

Investment criteria

Amstam is an independent investment manager that focuses on investment in real estate, mainly in the Randstad. Our main area of work is in the development, redevelopment, positioning, repositioning and management of properties such as offices, commercial space and property with a social function. We approach each investment from the perspective of both the developer and the investor. This integrated approach leads to a result-oriented and cost-efficient business plan, which ultimately translates into a sustainable return.



Offices, commercial space, residential and social real estate

Risk category

Core+, value-add and opportunistic


Existing buildings and (re)developments


Randstad, The Netherlands

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